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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Favorite task and personal accomplishment of ER

I think my personal accomplishment ice cream lab is a good one because I have to eat ice cream that I have doing and affected me to know how to produce an ice cream. My favorite task is reaction time lab because it is not complicated and it is an easy one. My goal for next year is to admission to  the faculty of medicine at Chulalongkorn university and a good grade for every subject too.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

1)  what is the molarity of the HCl?
1 mol/dm^3
2)  What is the molarity of the CO acetic acid?
1 mol/dm^3
3)  What are sources of error in the experiment?
Titrate for substances is too hard.
4)  On your blog, please put your procedure, data, and conclusions.
I am not on this experiment
Thank you

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Strach test by leaf


1) Boiling water for warm
2) Give a leaf in the test tube and continue boil
3) Wait for a water change to green due to chlorophyll goes out.
4) Give a leaf that has already boiled out and dropped an iodine on its.
- When we have boiled for a long time, the color of water has changed to light green.

Discussion questions:
1)  Why do we boil the leaf?
To see the leaf has a starch or not

2)  What is the leaf texture like after boiling?
The leafs are withered and look like die.

3)  Why do we use ethanol on the leaf after boiling?
Because ethanol is an alcohol that affects a leaf to have burned.

4)  What is the color of the water after boiling the leaf?  why?  Why did some people get pink brown water?
Light green, Sometimes each group got pink or brown because plants don't consist chlorophyll but consist carotenoid or phycobilins which are a pigment same as same with chlorophyll but given in a different colour.

5)  When you test for starch with the iodine, why does the paper turn black?
Because paper made from cellulose that can gets iodine change to black or means it is reaction.

6)  What happens to the iodine test on the unboiled leaf?  why?
It doesn't reaction, that means when dropped the color remains red.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Essay-Thailand should allow genetically modified organisms (plants) because three reasons or should not allow for three reasons

Thailand should allow genetically modified organisms (plants) because three reasons or should not allow for three reasons

There are many reason that influenced Thailand to allow genetically organisms. The first reason is this want to make a plant able to resist or immune with disease that will going into the plants. In Thailand idea, they think that GMO plants are good for organisms but it doesn't good. Firstly, It make the gene of plant so strange and go against the nature. On 2003 B.C Thailand has import a GMO plants which is Papaya to the USA and the consequence is USA is bounce the papaya back due to they found contamination in the papaya. This event effect Thailand to change the laws since 2550 that you can do GMO plants but you must ask permission to the government by directly first.
In addition, GMO plant is beneficial for many groups of people such as agricultural or consumer and the advantage of GMO plants is make the variation or the new species for plants. GMO plant is benefit to Industrial and treatment too because it can applied to doing a vaccine. In the conclusion, GMO plant has both of advantages and disadvantages

Plant Observation

Objective: To learn the structure of plants

- Leaves of plant
- Stem of plant
- Roots of plant
- Scalpel
- Mount Needle
- Scissors
- Water
- Slide
- Cover slip
- Compound light microscope

Picture of this experiment

Node of plants


- Plant must be survived.
1) cut the node of plants which is the point that are the branch meets of 3 ways of stem.
2) Must cut for V-shaped
3) Used a few of clay adhesion on the stem and part that we have already cut which is node of plants.
4) Use a rope bundle with a clay

There are nothing about error of this experiment and Node of plant just a little hard to cut and the clay isn't sticky too much too adhesion the stem, this means adhesion stem is the hardest one of this experiment.

- Clay, Scissors, Scalpel and rope
After 1 week

If you observe the consequences are different. First picture is plant of KK group that can be survived but the second one is the plant of gifted that has already died.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Ice to water to stem

1.Construct a graph showing temperature
Cold water

Cold Water with salt

2. Why did your graph not quite start at 0 celsius?
Because the temperature of water with ice does not zero celsius and the room temperature makes cold water keep warming.

3. Were there any level sections in your graph? Why did they occur?
The temperature keep going not constant and there are one point that keep constant which is saturated point. The temperature keep slower on the high temperature  due to it is nearly to saturated point.

4. Increase faster on the low temperature and continue increase slower on high temperature until 95 celsius (cold water) and 97 celsius (cold water with salt) which are saturated point.

The reason that make the water cannot going up until 100 celsius due to that substances doesn't pure at all.